Hver dag bruker millioner av mennesker løsninger som er laget av Knowit Solutions. Vi som jobber her er sultne på å lære og liker å dele kompetansen vår – både med kolleger og omverdenen.


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How can Enterprise Architecture save your IoT initiative?

The term IoT (Internet of Things) has been around for a while. I still remember when I moved from the world of electronics and Industrial Automation to the world of internet connected devices. I struggled to catch the differences between the old M2M (Machine to Machine) and the new trendy IoT technologies. Which applications fall under one domain and which under the other? Over time I learned this is not a zero-one kind of question, but a topic more suited for a Friday-beer with colleagues, rather than a substantial classification.

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The Architecture Board – A Bouncer or a Nurse?

A fictional interview gives insight into
the work of the Architecture Board

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You cannot KEEP it simple, if it's already complex!

This article was first published on LinkedIn October 16, 2016.