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Storytelling — Use your drawing skills to communicate

In this workshop, you will learn how to use your drawing skills to tell stories, and thus communicate more effectively. If you have a customer journey or user story that you are working on, it could be a great starting point for practicing your storytelling skills.

Key takeaway: use your (newly aquired) drawing skills to tell short stories and communicate with your drawings.

This workshop is a part of the Drawing to communicate workshop series.

Storytelling — The workshop

Setup / preparations

  • Two or three people to challenge each other
  • 15–30 minutes
  • Whiteboard + pens, or a drawing tool like Miro
  • Some customer journeys or user stories to work with

Challenge, draw, and critique

  • Challenge
    Give each other challenges in the form of a story or situation to draw
  • Draw
    Draw for 1 minute straight
  • Critique
    Critique each others’ drawings; what works, what doesn’t, what could be better. Re-draw if you get new ideas.
  • Repeat

If you are doing this workshop as a standalone, and not as a part of the “Draw to communicate” workshop series, you could warm up by drawing simple things using the visual alphabet for about 10 minutes.

That’s it, go out and communicate!

Results from the “Draw to communicate” workshop series, including the Storytelling workshop.

You’re done! But I hope it’s only the start of your storytelling journey 🙂. Practice using your drawing skills in order to communicate ideas more accurately. I hope you use these skills for workshops, meetings, presentations, and more. Explore, and tell your own stories, or re-tell other people's stories to see if you understood them correctly.

And if you really want to do this, but don’t feel confident hosting the workshop yourself, we can run it for you (offer in Norwegian, but it can be held in English too).

Sammarbeid bedre med tegning + workshop.


Any feedback 🖐?

What worked for you and what didn’t? Comment below!