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Best of: February 2020

Winter is finally coming to an end! But since it’s still chilly outside, we suggest you get cozy and check out some inspiring content from us 🙌.

Here comes a selection of talks and articles produced by Knowit employees in February 2020. Once you’re done with these, check out Knowit’s YouTube channel, where you will find over 100 more videoes on technology, business, and creativity.

Happy watching, and be on the lookout for more content from Knowit 😄!


Best of text


Tobias Moe Thorstensen — Monolitten er ikke død! 🇳🇴

Tobias  Thorstensen konsulent Knowit

Vi som jobber i teknologibransjen deltar i en evig runde med buzzwordbingo. Et av buzzwordene som stadig dukker opp er: Mikrotjenester. Men hva er det egentlig? Er det en eliksir som løser alle våre problemer, eller skaper det flere problemer enn det løser?

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Christian Egeberg — Strategies for processing industrial IoT data streams 🇬🇧

Industrial factory

I’ve been asked to provide the contents of my hour long video presentation about processing of industrial IoT data streams as an article that can be read and browsed at your own pace. Well, I’m happy to oblige…

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Mats Lyngstad — 🇳🇴 er en norsk teknologiplattform som forenkler influencer marketing for annonsører, med kontorer i Oslo, Stockholm og London. De har hjulpet over 300 annonsører med å gjennomføre mer enn 7000 samarbeid med influencers.


Sigmund Marius Nilssen — A Cake for Kotlin: Exploring framework-less dependency injection for Kotlin 🇬🇧



This article is about how to do dependency injection without frameworks in Kotlin.

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Check out part 2 of this article: Making an example of Arithmetic here.