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Drawing workshop with Miro — Intro to better distributed work

1*Q5NGlZr_um4MauUDLDTSIA@2xSimple drawing skills + a colaborative online whiteboard makes distributed work a lot easier.

With the sudden increase of people working distributed, we need some new tools and skills to collaborate better through the screens. We’ve set up a Drawing to communicate + Miro workshop where you can learn some basic drawing skills and get to test them in Miro together with your co-workers.

Miro is a digital whiteboard where many people can draw, work, and communicate at the same time.

Setup and experiences with drawing workshops in Miro

Find your place in the ‘classroom’ with Frames

Each participant has their own place. These are marked with a frame with each of the members’ names. This way, they can click on the Frame icon and then click on their name to get ‘seated’.

For working in groups, each of them should have the participants’ names like this:

Group 1: Alice and Bob

This makes for less confusion when groups are formed.

Asking for help through Comments

Participants can ask questions either during the Q&A session or throughout the workshop via the Comment tool. The latter makes navigating to the drawing/task in question easier.

Accurate schedule in Notes

By using the Note tool, you can easily create a detailed schedule for the workshop.

Workshop with Miro: Frames with participants, schedule in Note.

Video conferencing tool

For the last few workshops, we’ve used Microsoft Teams. It worked well for us, but any other video conferencing tool should be fine, too. For the breakout sessions, you should use separate chat rooms, whether you as the facilitator set them up, or you let the participants organise themselves.

Ready for a workshop?

Need a “Draw to communicate workshop” for a team? We can run a quick workshop for up to 10 participants, and we can do it in either English or Norwegian. The workshop takes 2 hours and 30 minutes. Check out the prices and get in touch with us to find a suitable time for the workshop.